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Since 2010, Founder and Managing Partner, Jay McCollins, has been successfully placing professionals into Finance, Real Estate, Energy, and Infrastructure. 

Jay's rapid introduction into Multifamily Affordable Housing started with what would become an industry leading Low Income Housing Tax Credit Syndicator and Owner-Operator. Jay began working with the real estate investment management firm shortly after their acquisition of the upper-tier low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) partnership interests and related assets associated with more than 45,000 units of affordable to moderate-income housing at 287 properties across the nation. Over the next few years, this company acquired more than 1700 properties that included 280,000+ multifamily units, a majority of which were in the affordable housing product. Jay personally placed 31 professionals throughout their rapid growth along with another 30 from their project finance division for a total of 61 - approximately 1/3 of the company.

Many initial local finance, dispositions, tax, fund accounting, asset and fund management placements were successfully completed with professionals who had backgrounds from other product types in real estate, finance, accounting, and other professional services. Recruiting top performers who could get up to speed quickly with a high capacity for complexity was a vital strategy during such a rapid growth cycle. This culture promoted bright, top performers who took initiative and had the ability to figure some things out on their own, while also taking on additional responsibility. More than 65% of the professionals Jay placed were promoted. 


Jay progressed to recruiting across the country for industry-specific specialists and organically expanded into Affordable Housing Development through client referrals. Today, KM Partners represents several top ranked, national leaders in Affordable and Senior Housing Development, Institutional, Private Equity Investment Management, as well as Tax Credit Syndication for LIHTC, Historic, and Renewable Energy. KM's Mission is to partner with management teams and lead the way in recruiting top-performing professionals who add substantial value with companies who strive to make positive impacts to the economy, society, and environment. We're ethical capitalists who consider all stakeholders. 

As members of such industry associations as the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Housing Colorado, we stay actively involved and up to date on the latest trends in Multifamily Affordable and Senior Housing.

House Construction
  • Affordable and Senior Housing
  • Tax Credit Syndication:
    • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) 
    • New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC)
    • Historic Tax Credits
    • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • Conventional Multifamily
  • Student Housing 
  • Commercial​
  • Industrial 
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Land Acquisitions
  • ​Private Equity & Institutional Investment Management
  • Development
  • Operations
  • Asset Management
  • REITs
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Real Estate Service Providers
  • Public Accounting Firms: Real Estate and Tax Credit Practices
  • Law Firms: Real Estate and Affordable Housing Practices
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