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Makayla Brening
Associate Executive Recruiter
Executive Search & Recruitment

Makayla is an Associate Executive Recruiter here at KM Partners who is a driven, compassionate, and determined professional who thrives in diverse environments. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic ensure she meets and exceeds expectations. Makayla is fueled by a passion for making meaningful connections and helping individuals grow in various aspects of their lives. Makayla likes to say “I'm not just about business; I'm about creating genuine relationships that leave a lasting impact.” With a big personality and a commitment to spreading positivity, she finds joy in making people smile. Her interpersonal skills are evident in her capacity to establish meaningful connections, a skill that undoubtedly contributes to her success in various aspects of her work. She is a proud graduate of Texas State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management graduating summa cum laude.

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303.495.5624 Direct
720.292.3812 Mobile
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