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We've found and vetted talent across the spectrum of professions, skills, and experiences in our practices areas. We only include top industry-specific professionals across the US, who we’ve hand-picked as part of our invite-only selection process.


Real Estate

Affordable, Workforce & Senior Housing     

Tax Credits

LIHTC, NMTC, Historic, Film, & Renewable Energy

Impact-Investing & Sustainability

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KM’s Web Design & Development Company is building us an all new proprietary website platform. This will serve to more systematically display profiles of industry-specific, qualified professionals, which we have already begun including here on our current legacy site. Our new site will allow for advanced keyword and category searches and integrate with our database through a Career Profile Portal. At present, profiles are generally listed in increasing seniority level as you scroll down. The go-live date for KM's new Website Platform is targeted for October 2020.

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Heading 1

Profile ID#9934

Blank Face.png

Development Project Manager

  • MBA – Top 5 Nationally Ranked Business School

  • Concentrations in Finance and Real Estate

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics – Top 10 Nationally Ranked University

  • Concentrations in Finance and Management

  • Currently Role: $8B+ REIT

  • Originally based in New York office; selected for internal transfer in 2018 due to recognition of high performance

  • Skilled Development Manager with expertise in large-scale, urban masterplans

  • Led the vertical development of 3 Affordable Housing projects within a 20+ acre masterplan in New York

  • Responsible for financial analysis, pro-forma modeling, due diligence, construction management, leasing management, etc.

  • Management consulting experience for 2 years prior to business school

Reference Quotes & Endorsements

  • “They are focused, hard-working, driven and recognized as one of the rising stars in the organization. They were often sought out to work on new opportunities because of their superior analytical skills. They have the ability to successfully manage diverse teams both within and outside the company on account of their engaging personality and strong communication skills. They are always ready to take on additional responsibilities and willing to help their colleagues and team members.”

Current Region: West Coast

Profile ID#11384

Blank Face.png

​Development Project Manager

  • Skilled in Affordable Housing Development, Financing, Project Management, Underwriting, Acquisition, Entitlement, Construction, Breakeven Operations, Conversion to Permanent Financing

  • Received multiple raises and performance bonuses due to successful deal closings during time at Top Affordable Housing Developer on the East Coast

  • Responsible for leading the development of Affordable Housing projects from underwriting through stabilization

  • Completed 3 closings and worked on 8 deals in various stages of the development process during 2 years as a Development Manager

  • Led the acquisition, entitlement, and financing of a 93-unit affordable new construction project structured with a ground lease and financed with LIHTC equity and 3 sources of debt

  • Completed the $100 million refinance and limited partner buyout of a 750+ unit apartment complex that successfully preserved 30% of the units as affordable and returned half of the local government’s initial investment

  • 4 years of Affordable Housing development experience

  • 6 years of experience in multifamily development

  • 9 years of Real Estate industry experience

  • Affordable Housing Development, market-rate multifamily development, lending, market research

  • Fluent in Spanish


  • #1 Nationally Ranked College: Bachelor of Science

  • Concentrations: Economics & Spanish

Region: West

Profile ID#16431

Blank Face.png

Development/Acquisitions Professional

Professional Profile

  • Experienced in the sourcing, underwriting, and project management of multifamily new construction, acq rehab and adaptive reuse projects, including but not limited to LIHTC, Section 8 and RD

  • Asset Managed a portfolio of properties with net value of nearly $100M on cost basis

  • Underwrote more than $150M in equity for top 5 Tax Credit Syndication group

  • Interned for a mixed-use Developer for 3 years conducting project management and construction management tasks and assisting senior management in development of projects with over $100,000,000 in capital investment

  • Interned for State Economic Development Agency in the underwriting and granting of over $5,000,000 in Real Estate-based incentive programs to applicants in distressed municipalities

  • Extensive experience in multifamily sustainability and energy/cost saving initiatives including solar, LEED construction and environmental review

  • Performed property management and leasing activities for student housing apartment complex while a student at university

    • Awarded $5,000 bonus for successfully leasing property to occupancy qualified for sale transaction

Primary Responsibilities, Core Competencies and Strengths

  • Seasoned in review of due diligence, acquisitions underwriting, budgeting and forecasting, proforma modeling, construction management and project management


  • BBA with a focus in Real Estate – Top 5 undergraduate Real Estate program

Current Geographic Location: Northeast

Open to Relocation: Yes – Austin, Texas and Colorado; will consider many other locations for the right opportunity

Profile ID#13538

Blank Face.png

Development Project Manager

Professional Summary

  • Currently employed as a Project Manager at an AHF Top-25 National Affordable Housing Developer

  • Highly skilled in LIHTC underwriting/financing with 3 years of experience

  • Currently leading 4 Affordable Housing Development projects targeting large-family, senior, permanent supportive, and mixed-income populations

Project Management

  • Managing new construction and rehabilitation LIHTC projects from 40 to 2,000 units in initial feasibility to permanent conversion stages

  • Solely responsible for creating and maintaining proformas and project budgets

  • Experience in many County and California specific funding sources

  • Instrumental in closing a 60-unit LIHTC project that generated $1.75+ in company profit

  • Solely submitted multiple funding applications including two 9% California Tax Credit funding applications

  • Achieved over $10M in funding awards through competitive applications

  • Successfully trained and managed the sole Financial Analyst for the company

Business Development

  • Transacted $10M+ in Real Estate investment sales (Multifamily, Retail, and Office assets), which resulted in $225K+ in gross revenue within 2 years

  • Previous role in financial feasibility and analytics that resulted in $50M+ in Real Estate acquisitions

  • Successfully achieved multiple 1031 Exchange transactions

  • Managed and improved a database of over 2,000 contacts


  • Master’s in Real Estate – Top 25 Nationally Ranked University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Current Region: West Coast

Open to Relocation: Yes, for the right opportunity

Profile ID#12307

Blank Face.png

Development Project Manager

Professional Summary

  • Currently employed as a Project Manager at an AHF Top 50 National Affordable Housing Developer

  • 10+ years of Financial Analytics and Project Management experience

  • Currently overseeing development of LIHTC projects totaling 250+ units and over $175 million in contract value

Project Management

  • Manages new construction LIHTC projects from 70-150 units and $45-$90 million in TDC from initial feasibility to perm conversion

  • Monitors and maintains project budgets, schedules, and critical path throughout each stage of the development cycle

  • Oversees the preparation and submission of application packages for all LIHTC and municipal funding sources

  • Manages leasing for a combined 15,000sf of portfolio wide retail space; leads broker agreement negotiations, review of tenant financials, and lease negotiation

Business Development

  • Conducted feasibility, valuation, and market analysis to evaluate over $200 million of potential acquisitions and development opportunities

  • Drafted submissions for public and private RFPs in one of the most competitive markets in the US

Financial Analytics

  • Oversaw reporting on over $500 million in annual revenue

  • Implemented a database automation used to distribute expenditures across divisions, improving accuracy and increasing efficiency by 250hrs annually

  • Developed databases for the aggregation of organization wide cost and specification data for use in management decision making


MS in Real Estate from a Top 10 Globally Ranked University by US News & World Report

Profile ID#17092

Blank Face.png

Acquisitions & Development Associate

Professional Overview

  • Recent MBA graduate with meaningful Real Estate experience

  • Currently working in Acquisitions/Development for an institutional firm in a major northeastern city

  • Pre-MBA experience managing multiple $50mm+ development projects, including a 300+ unit, $150mm+ multifamily development in the Metro D.C. area

    • Experience with entitlements and zoning, managing community relations/outreach efforts, architectural design oversight, etc.

  • Strong interest in Affordable Housing and looking to transition into an Associate-level role in the space

    • Retained multiple internships in Affordable Housing, including with top National Affordable Housing Owner and Developer based in NYC

    • Evaluated affordable housing projects ranging in size from $40mm to $1.0bn+

    • Familiarity with LIHTC and NYC affordable housing programs/subsidies from HPD and HDC

Primary Responsibilities, Core Competencies, and Strengths

  • Primary responsibilities have included underwriting, deal structuring, and project management

  • Experienced with analyzing potential acquisitions/developments, including complex waterfall/promote structures, handling due diligence processes, managing architects and contractors, working with local governments and community groups, and deal sourcing


  • BA in Economics from Top 15 Nationally Ranked University by U.S. News

  • MBA from Top 3 Nationally Ranked Business School by U.S. News

Current Geographic Location: Northeast

Open to Relocation: No, but can travel frequently

Profile ID#13336

Blank Face.png

Senior Development Associate/Senior Acquisitions Associate

Open to Relocation: Yes. Will consider most metro areas for the right opportunity. 

Priorities/Primary Interests in New Opportunity: 

Growth, Culture, Impact, Equity, Ability to Influence Direction

Five plus years at a top national Affordable Housing Developer and Owner-Operator focused on acquisitions, resyndications and development.  Gained increasing responsibility throughout career, which has focused on the entire deal cycle, from initial feasibility through stabilization and close-out.  Currently focused on sourcing new opportunities, and leading internal and external deal teams through the deal lifecycle.  Extensive experience with underwriting, structuring, design, financing, state and city approval processes, document negotiation and project management.


  • Involved in the closing of over 2,000 affordable units with a TDC of over $340MM

  • Closed tax-exempt bond projects generating over $12.3MM in paid developer fee in 2019, as well as multiple acquisitions

  • Executed on transactions utilizing LIHTCs, NTMCs, HOME Funds, Historic Credits, Tax-Increment Financing and Abatement, HAP contracts, and a variety of over financing tools

  • Experience with a variety of product types (workforce, senior, mixed-income) and agency debt executions

  • Sourced and put under contract new development sites in pipeline for over 800+ units

Core Competencies 

  • Primary core competencies and responsibilities include sourcing new land sites and acquisitions, modeling and deal feasibility analysis, underwriting and deal structuring, negotiating purchase agreements, leading the due diligence process, coordinating design team development of rehab scopes and new construction design, negotiating term sheets, loan agreements and partnership agreements with debt and equity providers, navigating the entitlement process with municipalities, working with state agencies and local issuers on approvals, public processes and 42(M) letters, and project management through stabilization.


  • Strengths include structuring of complex financial structures, vast experience with the entire deal lifecycle, management of large deal teams and developing analysts and associates’ knowledge and skillsets.

Promotions & Recognition 

Promotions: Promoted two times in five years into positions of increasing responsibility.

Recognition: Consistently received specific bonuses reserved for top performers.


BBA - Top 20 Undergrad Business School; Graduated with Honors 

Profile ID#16414

Blank Face.png

Senior Development Project Manager

Qualitative and Quantitative Achievements

  • Underwritten over $800 million of refinanced HUD Multifamily repositioned assets seeking municipal tax incentives

  • Actively monitored the physical condition, financial performance, and regulatory compliance for over 400 properties with either 4% or 9% LIHTC Tax Credits receiving municipal tax incentives, mortgage, HOME funds, or other local municipal benefits

  • Certified Tax Credit Specialist who oversaw multiple 421-a 80/20 high rises (110+ units) in portfolio

 Primary Responsibilities, Core Competencies & Strengths

  • Primary core competencies include pro-forma modeling, legal due diligence, valuations and sensitivity analysis, project management, strategy, compliance reporting, underwriting cash flow returns

  • Specific underwriting skills include determining municipal tax revenue loss, waterfall, JV structures, and value-add/opportunistic models

  • Strategy focus on mismanaged properties through financial restructuring, capital improvements, and removal of managing agent

  • Strong verbal skills to create salient memorandums, written reports, and deal presentations

 Education, Professional Certifications & Designations

  • Master of Real Estate Finance – Top 10 Nationally Ranked Institution for Real Estate; expected graduation: May 2021 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics – Top 100 Ranked Institution by Forbes

Current Geographic Location: Northeast

Open to Relocation: 

Now through May 2021: No

Post May 2021: Yes – ideally San Francisco or DC

Profile ID#6349

Blank Face.png

Senior Development Project Manager

Professional Profile

  • 10+ years of Affordable Housing Development experience

  • Currently employed at an AHF Top 40 Affordable Housing Owner/Developer

  • Manages development of projects with $40MM to $150MM+ TDC from acquisition to 8609 allocation

  • Primary responsibility for the selection and coordination of project teams including the Architect, all consultants, and financial partners

  • Skilled in working with complex, layered financial structures

  • Oversees 2 master planned mixed-use redevelopments in urban and suburban markets that include significant infrastructure work (~$10MM+/each) and will result in the development of 500+ new units of affordable housing

  • Successful execution of RAD demolition and new construction financing and conversions

  • Completed new development from demo to perm conversion; closing construction financing on another RAD project and closing at least one more in 2021

  • Supervisorial responsibility for 2 employees who were promoted two levels in one review period based on their growth

  • Exclusive experience working for nonprofit and for-profit Affordable Housing Developers and financial analysis organizations

  • 2+ years credit analysis experience with publicly rated housing agencies and debt obligations


  • Joint Master’s degree program with Top 5 Business School and Top 5 Public Policy Analysis Program as ranked by U.S. News & World Report; focused on Real Estate Development and Housing

  • Dual Bachelor’s degrees from Top 25 Nationally Ranked University; focused on Urban Development, Public Policy, and Economics

Current Geographic Region: West Coast

Open to Relocation: Yes – Southern California, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, or Texas

Profile ID#10664

Blank Face.png

Senior Development Project Manager/Director

Professional Profile

  • Principal leading multiple complex urban development projects, including driving negotiations, directing complex underwriting analysis, and advancing implementation for complex mixed-finance deals

  • More than 50% of the acquisitions and projects have had an Affordable Housing component, including numerous 100% Affordable Housing deals

  • Experience evaluating dozens of 9% and 4% LIHTC applications

  • Supports efforts in response to RFPs, coordinating the entitlement and land use approval process, ensuring they’re hitting milestones and identifying funding sources that make the most sense for each project

    • Heavily involved in setting up the financial structure of the projects

  • Advanced Excel and financial modeling abilities as well as the ability to create proformas and other models from scratch

    • Developed proforma their team uses to evaluate deals, higher-level calculations and feasibility analyses; trained team members and other junior staff at the firm on how to use it and better understand proformas

  • Acts as lead Real Estate Advisor to multiple public entities implementing large scale mixed-finance development projects valued at over $750 million

  • Project Manager for redevelopment planning across a 250-acre mixed-income district

  • Managed the design and implementation of a property acquisition and disposition strategy across all publicly owned property in a major city

  • Advises a local government entity in the evaluation and implementation of its LIHTC revolving loan program, including analysis of project-specific underwriting  

  • Led technical assistance for multi-site redevelopment projects in multiple U.S. cities as part of technical assistance through HUD

  • Co-managed the acquisition, management, initial master planning, and structuring of a public-private partnership to redevelop a 46-acre downtown district comprised of 80 properties, assessed at over $25 million

  • Led 5 community development projects, evaluating sites for redevelopment and structuring public-private partnerships to implement catalytic, mixed-use projects

  • Currently manages team of 13 analytical staff; previously led team of 25 full-time financial Analysts, directing all strategic and day-to-day team management

  • Previously advised foundation and philanthropic client investments in hard assets, private equity, and venture capital

  • Promoted 3 times in 3 years by implementing multiple successful projects on behalf of key clients and securing and implementing meaningful projects for the firm


   Master’s in Urban Planning from a program ranked in the Top 3 nationally

  • Real Estate Development, Economic Development, and Land Use Planning

  • Weiss Distinguished Colleague award recipient

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

   Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, graduated cum laude   

Current Geographic Location

Mid-Atlantic, seeking to remain in the Mid-Atlantic

Profile ID#16616

Blank Face.png

Director of Housing Development/ Director of Housing


  • Currently overseeing development of LIHTC Projects totaling 200+ units and in a supporting role for 130+ units

  • Secured $20M+ in competitive LIHTC, Housing Trust Fund, HOME, CDBG, FHLB, and ESG awards

  • Underwritten 10+ developments for acquisition/rehabilitation

  • Underwritten 50+ proposals and structured soft-debt to facilitate the development of 900+ affordable housing units

Core Competencies:

  • Housing professional with 7+ years of experience in LIHTC development, special needs housing, and affordable housing finance

  • Skilled in all aspects of the development process including site selection, due diligence, financial analysis, pro-forma modeling, entitlements, financing, and contracting and coordinating A&E, construction, and property management teams

  • Extensive experience in leading community planning efforts and coalition building to drive projects forward

Professional Endorsement:

“I have had the privilege of working with [Redacted] as a colleague in the field of Affordable Housing Development for several years and was delighted when he joined our team at [Redacted]. In his time with [Redacted], [Redacted] has singlehandedly taken our fledgling housing corporation from a unit on an organizational chart to a functioning provider of affordable housing engaged in the production of desperately needed housing to support the needs of [Redacted]’s clients and the communities we serve. [Redacted] demonstrates insight, innovation, and efficiency in accomplishing their day to day tasks as well as higher level organizational planning. I am supremely confident that [Redacted] will far exceed the standards for performance and I assure you they are prepared to pursue a rigorous course of study that will assist them to achieve their professional and personal goals.” – Chief Executive Officer


  • Bachelor of Arts from Top #3 Regionally Ranked University by US News Rankings

  • Master of Public Administration with Honors from Top 50 Public Affairs Program by US News Rankings

  • Master’s in Real Estate from Top 25 Nationally Ranked University by US News Rankings (est. completion 2022)

Current Geographic Location:


Open to Relocation:

Yes – Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL

Profile ID#16711

Blank Face.png

Director of Housing Development/ Director of Housing

Priorities/Primary Interest in New Opportunity:

A position that offers autonomy and opportunities to advance knowledge and level of responsibility, paired with a high level of competency within the organization, proven leadership with track record of success, and a strong platform.

Professional Profile


  • Closed 160 LIHTC and Section 8 transactions including single assets, portfolios and GP Interests

    • Completed $2,000,000,000 in LIHTC and Section 8 transactions

  • Project manager for 200+ unit new construction LIHTC asset with a TDC of $60,000,000

  • Largest single asset transaction was $325,000,000

Primary Responsibilities and core competencies

  • Sourcing, structuring, negotiating, and closing LIHTC and Section 8 transactions

  • Identifying unique strategies for value creation and asset value maximization

  • Financial modeling in excel (DCF analysis, waterfall modeling, multiple tranches of debt)

  • Debt and equity structures in the affordable housing space

  • Deep knowledge of state specific LIHTC laws/regulations that impact value, including Real Estate Tax Exemptions, Qualified Contract and Right of First Refusals to non-profits

  • Strong understanding of LIHTC partnership agreements and how they affect the proceeds of GP’s and LP’s in asset dispositions


  • MS in Real Estate from Top 25 Nationally Ranked University by US News

    • 3.85 GPA

    • Finance Track

  • BA in Economics with an emphasis in real estate

Current Geographic Location: Northwest

Open to Relocation: No, but ok with frequent travel

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