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Premier Executive Search & Professional Recruitment 

Who We Are

KM Partners is the only Executive Search & Professional Recruitment Firm in the U.S. dedicated to Multifamily Affordable and Senior Housing, Tax Credits, as well as Impact-Investing, Sustainable Infrastructure and Corporate Sustainability across industries respecting responsible capitalism. We partner with clients and place industry-specific professionals across occupations, including C-level executives, middle management, and experienced associates throughout the United States.


Led by tenured Search Consultants from Fortune 500 Search firms who have persistent track-records for high-performance, our unique value proposition includes our comprehensive recruitment process, along with our subject matter knowledge and extensive networks in our practice areas.

After 1 year, 95.89% of the professionals we've placed are thriving in their roles at the same companies we partnered them with.

What We Do

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Executive Search & Professional Recruitment

We help management teams find, attract, and retain top professionals with industry-specific, directly relevant qualifications, advanced skills and track records for strong performance, and, who will thrive in their unique organizational culture. 

What People are Saying



“What I like most about KM Partners’ service is the dedication they show their clients as well as the professional manner in which they interact.  They are extremely professional, always a pleasure to talk to and significantly more responsive than previous agencies with which I’ve dealt.  I was skeptical when Morgan first approached me about an opening, but after my initial calls with Jay and Morgan, I felt completely at ease and was excited about the opportunity to work with them.  KM Partners was honest, forthcoming, and especially encouraging, and I owe them a great deal for their hard work on my behalf.  If you’re looking for a resource, I would suggest you stop your search for a recruitment firm and hire KM Partners.”



“Morgan genuinely worked to understand our company's needs and culture. She alleviated the stress and extraneous legwork of the hiring process, which allowed me to focus on operations and other priorities. I’m extremely satisfied with KM’s Recruitment & Placement process. I was confident in Morgan and KM's process and diligence – also, Morgan is fun and effective. I would definitely recommend KM Partners to other industry colleagues. I trust Morgan and KM's process and commitment to connecting professionals for a long-term fit. I will choose KM Partners to fill future positions on my team because their services met our company’s needs extremely well.”



“I was extremely satisfied with KM Partners’ work. You're working with the best, trust me – better yet, trust them.  I would recommend them to any colleague because they can help guide you through the process and get you what you need, and I will work with them for future hires on my team knowing they deliver quality candidates. The team at KM Partners is extremely responsive, focused and diligent; there was never any lag or lead time, which is refreshing and reassuring.  I have never felt comfortable using a Recruiter and did not have success with them in the past; I was a little reluctant to go down the path with KM as I thought they would be just like the rest. I was wrong – they were engaging, knowledgeable and fun to work with, and I will be a lifelong client. I greatly appreciate all that the team at KM Partners has done for me.”

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