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Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

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Senior Vice President, Investor Relations



KM Partners has been retained by the Executive Vice President of a leading Affordable Housing Tax Credit Syndicator in the search for a Senior Vice President to lead their Investor Relations team. This privately held company has a long history and track record of success in our niche, empowering this team to be more aggressive and more tolerant of risk in comparison to their competition. In the current market, our client’s strict focus in Affordable Housing, below market-rate housing, workforce housing, and with their expansion into Opportunity Zones, this team is winning a lot of business over their competitors.

  • 75% repeat relationships in their funds

  • More nimble and innovative than a regulated institution

  • Executive team that is open to technology, embraces change and strives for high efficiency

  • Senior leadership is consistent in recognizing pain points in the market and looking outside the box in creating innovative structures and processes to increase their success

  • Collaborative, creative and highly capable internal teams and support staff

  • High retention – low turnover!

    • “We’re big on promoting from within. As people learn about the busines, they have other interests, and we support that.” – The President

      • If someone on their team has an interest in another department, they will help them to make that shift. There are several specific examples of these transitions we can point to.

    • In one department of 6, more than half of the staff have been with the company for more than a decade, and a couple of those professionals are closing in on 15 years with the company



Head up the Investor Relations department. Through building and maintaining a comprehensive strategy for raising investor equity by networking and establishing relationships with institutional investors and lenders, the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations will be responsible for leading and developing all aspects of our client’s interaction with their investor base. The SVP is tasked with establishing investment objectives that facilitate company growth, implementing and enhancing investment systems, processes and tools, while also supporting members of the Executive Management and Investor Relations teams.


Responsibilities include

  • Leadership, direction and management of the Investor Relations team

  • Creating and establishing yearly investment objectives that align with our client’s plan for expansion and growth

  • Cultivating relationships with banks, financial partners, and investors and maintaining strategic alliances with investors and business partners

  • Streamline communication and share important information and updates with Originations team

  • Serving as a key point of contact for investors across the board

  • Recruiting, hiring and development specific to the Investor Relations team

  • Assisting with high-level decisions regarding strategy and policy

  • Identifying and addressing investment risks and opportunities

  • Providing strategic recommendations to the CEO, President and Executive Management

  • Exercising exceptional communication and relationship management abilities in all correspondence with senior management, external partners and stakeholders

If qualified, please contact:

Kelly McCollins | Associate, National Executive Search & Recruitment

303.495.2109 |