Affordable Housing Management

Senior Development Project Manager or Project Manager

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Location: Los Angeles

With a long-established and highly respected track record of developing, managing, and financing communities for low-income families, seniors, people with special needs, the formerly homeless, and veterans, this mission-driven organization provides industry leading training and professional development programs to continue to advance the skill set of their most prized and valuable asset, their team.


During our partnership with this client, the majority of the 21 professionals we’ve placed have been placed into newly created positions due to growth. This company is vertically integrated and well capitalized with an expanding national footprint. Senior leadership’s focus on succession planning is opening the door for accelerated growth opportunities for top performers.



“There’s a deep connection and cohesion around who we’re serving. It’s a very mature organization, and the Development team has a lot of folks who have been here a long time and who are ready and willing to share that. We have a stable staff who people learn a lot from. If you want to work on innovative, uniquely challenging projects where you can get creative to mix and match funding and operating sources, help to drive change in California, and be a part of cutting-edge development, this is where you should be. We have a strong balance sheet, we will take risks, and we have the ability to take risks that others can’t because of our credibility and reputation. You’ll have the resources to go out of the box on really innovative, complex projects.” – 13+ years with Company (Development Team)


“There’s a lot of longevity here, and that speaks to the team, culture and overall organization and mission. The culture is stimulating, motivating and energizing. We do really interesting, unique and mission-oriented projects, and that’s a big attraction for the folks in our industry.” – 10+ Years with Company (Development Team)



Exercise a high level of responsibility in performing tasks associated with the Acquisition, Development/Rehabilitation, Financing, and Construction and with on-going Property and Asset Management of Affordable Housing units for a variety of low-income residents.


  • Review land or existing buildings for potential development of new construction, acquisition rehab projects, or re-syndication opportunities

  • Prepare feasibility analyses responding to project criteria, including identification of needs, project risks, property rehabilitation needs, population served, financial feasibility, and community plan as needed; this may involve helping to identify resident program resources, possibilities and limitations

  • Work with Property Management and Resident Relocation teams to determine tenant income eligibility and project relocation budgets

  • Under the direction of the leadership team, prepare and/or oversee all applications for funding, development, refinance, and/or syndication and perform all tasks necessary to obtain all project approvals, including submission of land use, permit application, attendance at hearings, neighborhood meetings, funding meetings, and fostering a team approach to obtaining community and neighborhood acceptance

  • Provide on-going coordination between Consultants, Architects, Contractors, and other members of the project development team (Asset Management, Property Management, Compliance, Resident Services, and Accounting)

  • Work with other organizations within residential development as well as civic and religious communities to create opportunities and support for low-income housing development

  • Deal with privileged legal and financial matters of the organization

  • With the support of Management, represent the organization in negotiations for purchase of property, terms of financing and other binding agreements

  • Meet with Management and provide written and oral progress reports

  • Perform and delegate administrative tasks associated with development, including updating Management on development progress as required

  • Identify and advise Management regarding development and construction/rehabilitation, potential risks, schedules, and any resulting financing issues

If qualified, please contact:
Kelle Ketchum | Director, National Executive Search & Professional Recruitment
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