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Our Process

Search                    Evaluation                    Selection

Due Diligence & Position Objectives

  • The goal of our process is to provide only highly-qualified and thoroughly evaluated professionals, then determine which will be not only the best technical and cultural fit, but also have the highest probability of a long tenure.

  • Prior to starting a search, we take the time to understand your business, market position, unique value proposition, organizational culture, and corporate structure.

  • Next, we work in partnership with you to define the objectives for the position and requirements for the search by conducting a thorough needs analysis.

Message & Strategy

  • KM's Managing Partners work in partnership with our senior search consultants and researcher as a project team.  We develop a tailored and authentic message that accurately represents your opportunity, organization, and culture and that will appeal to targeted prospects. 

  • Then, we develop a strategy which includes a list of targeted sources, our relevant network contacts, national association memberships, intelligent contact databases, and directly targeted prospective candidates that we identify through our research, networking, marketing, and direct recruiting.   

Recruit & Pre-Screen

  • We execute on our strategy and recruit, interview, evaluate, and understand the personal and professional objectives of each individual prospect before presenting your opportunity.  We get to know each individual and begin building a relationship.  We do this to build rapport and trust with the prospective candidate, which ensures that we receive the most genuine responses throughout the interview process. 

Interview & Evaluate

  • Throughout the interview process, we assess the level of each candidate’s skill set, capabilities, relevant experience, professional objectives, values, and potential fit for your opportunity after gaining a thorough understanding of who they are and what they are looking for.

  • Next, we conduct professional references and create a short list of not only the best possibilities, but the best probable matches for your opportunity and organizational culture, and we only send you the most well-qualified and properly evaluated professionals.   

Selection & Offer


  • Once you and your team have interviewed the best prospective matches, we then collaborate with you to make the best selection. We assist in the creation of the offer, formally present the terms to the candidate, negotiate the close, and confirm the formal acceptance.  

Future Engagement & Confidentiality

  • After we successfully place the right professional, we continue to stay engaged to manage the candidate's resignation process and transition.  We follow up and encourage open communication, yet always respect confidentiality.   

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